Insuring Aftermarket or Custom Equipment

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Insuring Aftermarket EquipmentOne of the great things about owning a motorcycle is the ability to customize it to fit your needs or just your style.

If you’ve had your bike for a while and crave some more power, you can always slap on a new exhaust system or start making engine modifications. When you get tired of how your motorcycle looks, you can opt for a custom paint job or some aftermarket wheels.

When it comes to modifying your motorcycle you are only limited by your imagination and your bank account. But whatever you do, you’ll want to let your insurance agent know about it. If you fail to inform your agent about any modifications and your bike is damaged or destroyed, you may only be entitled to replacement for a stock motorcycle. This can mean the loss of thousands of dollars invested in aftermarket parts and other modifications.

What Exactly Is Covered?

Most insurers will offer $3,000 to $5,000 worth of accessories coverage at no additional cost. This should include just about any item you add to your motorcycle, but will not include any labor costs associated with installing the parts.

The best way to ensure your aftermarket goodies are covered is to document everything and take pictures. This way you’ll have proof of your expenses that you can show your insurer in the event of an accident.