Where You Live Affects How Much You Pay

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Motorcycle Insurance Premiums by GeographyAs a motorcyclist looking for insurance, you can have everything going for you (age, experience, driving record), but if you live in what the insurance companies deem a high-risk area, you could be looking at a much higher insurance premium.

So where should you live to get the lowest rates possible? A good rule of thumb is that more densely populated areas mean a higher premium. If you live in downtown Chicago you could end up paying up to 65% more than a rider with equal experience on the same motorcycle living in a lightly populated suburb.

Why Does Geography Matter?

Insurers have a couple of reasons for these geographic-based premiums. A more densely populated area will mean a greater chance for a collision. Insurers lose money when you have an accident, so areas with a higher percentage of accidents will see insurance rates soar. Same goes for crime rates. If you live in an area that has a bad crime rate and more reported cases of motorcycle theft, you can expect your comprehensive premiums to be much higher to offset the risk.