How Age Affects Insurance Premiums

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Age Affects Insurance PremiumWhen it comes to motorcycle insurance, your can greatly affect how much money you will have to pay.

If you are a young rider looking for insurance, you may be unpleasantly surprised at how much more your insurance costs than some of your older friends or family. It may not seem particularly fair, but insurance companies have been at this a long time and their data suggests that young riders (under 30 years old) are more of a liability.

Age Is More Than Just A Number

Even though you consider yourself a safe rider, the insurance company sees your age and thinks reckless and fearless. You can keep costs down by holding off on that BMR S1000RR in favor of a Kawasaki Ninja 250 or Suzuki DR-Z400. But don’t fret. You’ll have plenty of time to get your dream bike in a few years and if you keep your driving record clear your rates will be even lower.

It’s not just the youngsters that have to pay more. Once you reach 68 years old, your rates will start climbing every year. Even though you’re probably past the age of recklessness and have many years of riding experience under your belt, insurers start worrying about your reaction time and reflexes as you enter your golden years.